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How to protect CD and DVD

CDMaybe you often hear and trying to play the game itself or the software form CD or DVD that can not be copied in the Hardisk or copied back form CD and DVD, CD or DVD  protection by the author, many software providers break or re-copying 1:1 with other CD and DVD copying almost the same as the original, such as Clone CD, Alcohol 100%. Blind Write Dll, I believe you are bound to try the software, now this time I will give the little different tutorial, that is how protected CD and DVD software that you like, such as Clone CD, Alcohol 100%. Blind Write Dll can not copy …. well we start this tutorial


– WTM CD Protect
– UltraISO
– GoldenHawk CDRWIN

http://rapid * share.com/files/57060854/WTM.CD.Protect.v1.98.5.rar
http://rapid * share.com/files/96703338/cdr40g-u.rar
http://rapid * share.com/files/118095581/UIP9.2.0.2536.rar

1. Run WTM CD Protect
2. Select Option, we will make the “error files that will be copied to a CD, error files that we use for example Image.imp Select page file and click OK
3. Select Add errors, check the Anti-RAW
4. Hanging Click image error …. and select Image.imp
5. out a message
6. Error files with extention *.cry …. this file we will save to CD
7. Rename the file page if not suspicious, a simple example so I rename the file *. bmp
just use your imagination … important that the potential suspicious file
8. Run UltraISO, as an example “Pingin protect Mikrotik ISO” … I open it up to ISO ultraISO and add a image.bmp (error files) before
9. Set file atribute be hidden … or advanced hidden…
Save 10 ISO format with earlier cue / BIN
11. Load image cue / BIN earlier in the WTM
12. Click the Protect
13. finish
14. Burning, why should a CDRWIN? because CDRWIN RAW mode can be burning …
Congratulations … you can make a CD Protect …
– For CD that vain, to check the success of … mount imagenya with daemon tools
– To maximize performance, save the file with the same name
– How this protection may still not perfect, there’s no one I try to copy your image that is a protected cloneCD/alcohol120% / etc can be copied
only for educational, have a try

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