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Iraq Send Thousands of Police to Border Syria

iraqIraq began to put thousands of extra police on the border Syria this week in response to the alleged bombing carried out guerrilla protection from Damascus. Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Friday (4 / 9), accused Syria pretended not to know the Sunni insurgents have been using the country as a safe haven.

Al-Maliki said 90 percent of foreign insurgents into Iraq through Syria, including fighters who he accused of being perpetrators of two bomb attacks outside the ministry office in Baghdad and killed nearly 100 people, last August.

“There’s an emergency troops to the border … to fill that gap,” said Major General Tariq Yusuf, chief of police in the Anbar province of western Iraq, which borders with Syria, told Reuters.

On Thursday, al-Maliki challenged Syria to explain why the country’s armed groups that protect the accused as the perpetrators of the bombing of Iraq in the region. Baghdad has asked Damascus handed over two men suspected of masterminding the bombings.

Government blamed the Shia in Iraq Baath Party supporters, the party of Saddam Hussein, and al Qaeda for the attacks recently, and added that the Baath leaders to plan the bombing of Syria. Beginning last week, Baghdad broadcast a video which they called a confession of an al Qaeda guerrillas who have been trained agents of Syrian intelligence.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stated that allegations of Iraq “immoral” and asked Baghdad to give evidence.

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