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Researchers: Mobile Users 400% Proven Cancer Risk

Some researchers warned that mobile phone users consider the intensity of mobile phone usage. Because a recent study in Sweden revealed that 400 percent of mobile phones increase cancer risk for its users.

Results 37 pages thick report issued by the International EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Collaborative is expressed primarily phone radiation hazards to children. Studies conducted in 13 countries across Western Europe.

“Some countries are ready to block the phone for the kids, even France has issued instructions for the cell phone for kids elementary school is used only to send the message,” said EMF Collaborative research, Lloyd Morgan.

Recognized by Morgan, mobile phones are very useful in human life, but its use should be regulated so that did not happen in the future waves of cancer and brain tumors that hit the entire world.

“I do not expect it, but it is useful to begin introspection,” said Morgan.

Morgan reveals, the greatest risk of a child or adolescent’s brain cancer is done via phone conversation in a long time. In addition, pocketed the phone in a pants pocket or let the kids sleep in the current mobile phone can also be harmful to health

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