Verizon Wireless and Google Developing Mobile Android

8 October 2009 Leave a comment

Google-Verizon-Wireless-partnershipVerizon Wireless and Google have announced that they agreed to work together to develop mobile devices based on Android platform. Can be justified that this is a breakthrough for Google, to see Verizon serves more than 87 million consumers and is the largest service providers have joined Google. For Verizon Wireless, this step can be seen as an attempt to bersain company with Apple iPhone and AT & T. Read more…


gempa 7,6 SR guncang Sumatera

30 September 2009 1 comment

Sekira jam 17.15 WIB terjadi gempa dahsyat mengguncang wilayah sumatera. Titik gempa berada di Pariaman 57 kdpl. Gempa tidak berpotensi sunami. Telah terjadi gempa susulan beberapa menit kemudian sebesar 6 SR. Kerusakan masih belum bisa ditaksir. Gempa menyebabkan kepanikan bagi warga dan menghancurkan ratusan rumah warga. Sementara berita diturunkan, wilayah paling parah adalah Padang Sumatera Barat.

AMD Launches New Platform for Multimedia & Gaming Notebooks

13 September 2009 Leave a comment

amdFinally, AMD also released a mainstream notebook platforms designed to improve the performance of multimedia applications and 3D gaming. Tigris – which was adopted by 8 OEM (original equipment manufacturer) – supports full HD 1980p playback and delivers additional battery ages up to 25% (approximately 55 minutes) than previous AMD mobile platforms.
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the best top ten antivirus 2009

11 September 2009 6 comments

bestantivirusMany anti-virus circulating in the world today, but which is best? Curious, here are the answers …

According, Top 10 Best Antivirus 2009 are: (seen on the results of user reviews and antivirus products of capabilities and features of each of these antivirus. As for speed scan, capat in identifying viruses and worms, ease of use, effectiveness, update databases, features, ease of installation, help and support.)
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UFOs Seen in China

9 September 2009 2 comments

This time is very strong evidence, as the plane crossed the egg-shaped UFO. Based on the TV news in China, scientists and several students who were observing a solar eclipse.

The scientists were in the observation Nanjing truly say they have evidence and records a passing UFO.
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Iraq Send Thousands of Police to Border Syria

5 September 2009 Leave a comment

iraqIraq began to put thousands of extra police on the border Syria this week in response to the alleged bombing carried out guerrilla protection from Damascus. Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Friday (4 / 9), accused Syria pretended not to know the Sunni insurgents have been using the country as a safe haven.
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Pakistani Religious Affairs Minister Shot

5 September 2009 Leave a comment

hamidsaeedkazmiHamid Saeed Kazmi, Pakistan Minister of Religious Affairs was shot strangers around Islamabad. As a result of the shooting incident, Kazmi had gunshot wounds in the leg. So the news reported by AFP, Wednesday (2 / 9).
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