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LA Galaxy vs. AC Milan; beckham emotional

la galaxy vs ac milanBad word  received David Beckham when the party first shed with LA Galaxy vs AC Milan, Beckham badinaged fans and even almost to blows.

Los Angeles Galaxy Stadium in Milan stand Home Depot Center, Carson, California, Sunday night (19/7/2009) local time.

This is Beckham’s first appearance with the Galaxy in its own post office back from loan period at the Rossoneri.

The match LA Galaxy vs AC Milan result 2-2. Milan to open the score 1-0 through a goal Thiago Silva to-16 minutes. Alan Gordon goal in print to-30 minutes after the cooperation between Landon Donovan, Beckham.

Il Diavolo Rosso lead back to 61 minutes through Filippo Inzaghi who bait Ronaldinho. Four one minute Bryan Jordan back with a score sundulannya equate that to welcome Beckham corner.

Becks does not get a rousing welcome in the fight. In some point in the stadium there are a number of banners that badinaged player who is familiar with the crossing bait.

Banners which are attached image number 23, Beckham back’s number and has any posts scratch “Just go home”, Fraudster.” Hot pitched criticism that appears is “23: An remorse”, “know yourself or that you do, it’s crime.”

Even when it came down to drink, that Victoria Beckham’s husband had come to stand LA Riot Squad and challenging fans. Attitude that gets the response. A man came down to the field but with the security officers secure the wide-awake audience nekad earlier.

In the second phase, banners that are rolled tighten security and defense.

After giving the bear a passing score a second Galaxy, Beckham ago directing himself to the spectators stand and show the body language as if trying to say, “What do you want?”. In that fight, Beckham own drawn out in the minutes to-75.

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