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Sales island in Indonesia revealed

pulaudijualIndonesia is one of the main countries of the world’s largest archipelago. Thousands of islands spread from Sabang to Merauke is infinite assets. It all led to the cultural diversity that make Indonesia more valuable.

In the near future, Indonesia issues with the news of the sale of the island. The government still does not believe the news. The reason, the sale of the island is a serious offense.

“How could the island are sold. It may be people who either rent or anything and he does not understand. There should be an island for sale,” said State Secretary Hatta Rajasa at the State Secretariat Building, Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara, Jakarta, Thursday (27 / 8 / 2009).

According truth of the news these sales, Hatta was reluctant to comment on. “I think the minister is working to get reports directly from the governor or regent. I have not had time to report (the President),” he added.

However, Hatta believe people who were offered the island to see the impossibility of the forbidden transaction. “Offered would think,  is not possible because Indonesia has their own rules,” he said.

However, according to Hatta, the context would be different if the utilization is actualized in the island resort development Bentu. “That there is provision to use,” he said.

Hatta example, in the Thousand Islands region, once the number of investors who use the island as an investment asset. “They built a villa for rent or for recreation. It has rules and it enggak problem,” said Hatta. (Legal)
Another source said the three islands in Indonesia offered or sold. As the site loaded privateislandsonline.com, three islands in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, which was offered Macaroni, Siloinak, and Kandui. Selling price three islands is different. Starting at $ 4 million or approximately USD 40 billion to U.S. $ 8 million or equivalent to Rp 80 billion. (liputan6.com)

There are several reasons until the occurrence of such sale. As reported http://www.antara.co.id, Citizens Natuna, Muktar sell five islands in the Lower Islands, South Natuna, because of financial difficulties, said the Governor of Riau Islands (Riau Islands) Ismeth Abdullah in Batam, Wednesday.

“We are investigating the sale of the island. He said, sold the island residents as a pressing financial difficulties,” he said after formalizing ASEAN Small Medium Enterprises Expo in Mega Mall Batam Center.

According to Ismeth, whatever the reason, the sale of the island is not justified, because the island is state owned. He said, residents can sell the land in the island, but not the whole island.

“We check to a notary again, why the island can be bought and sold,” he said.

Governor said that based on initial investigation, five islands are sold to Tasfinardi Muktar, Riau Islands residents as well.

“Not foreigners, but our people too,” he asserted.

Lower Island consists of four small group of islands with a total area of 99.739 hectares are now highlighted when the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DKP) indicates there is the alienation of control to foreign nationals from Australia and Malaysia.

Governor declared so far, the district government was investigating the reason for Tasfinardi bought the island’s Rp1 billion, and from where the man was berprovesi as fishermen get the money.

About the involvement of foreign parties in the management of island tourism, he admitted it.

According to Ismeth no problems of foreign nationals and helped develop the capital invested in the group of islands, known for its underwater beauty of it.

“But maybe they do not know how to invest the right, that should apply and so on,” she said.

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