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Kaka, from friend Being Opponent

kakaAfter eight seasons playing for AC Milan, Kaka away from the San Siro this summer. Now the two will meet again, not as friends but had to face each other as opponents.

From the show that made the draw in Monaco, Thursday (27/8/2009) night wib, Milan and Real Madrid are destined to clash in a tough Champions League group phase this season. Both joined in Group C along with Olympique Marseille and FC Zurich.

Of course, the spotlight is more focused on Milan and Madrid, although not to ignore the power of Marseille and Zurich as the other residents. Public would want to see how the atmosphere of a reunion between Kaka to Milan when the two met in the middle of the field later.

Since moving from Sau Paulo in 2003 ago, Kaka transformed slowly but surely become an important pillar of the game Rossoneri. Action if the ball and goal-goal has a lot to help Milan win. So it was thought that Milan are Kaka and Kaka are milan, so the value of Kaka for the team.

Not only bring victory, Kaka became an important actor when Milan won the Serie A Scudetto on the 2004 season. Year 2007 was the golden age of football player during the 27-year career in Milan, in addition to carrying Il Diavolo Rosso 2007 Champions League winner, Kaka was also selected as the best player of Europe and the World.

Besides the title Scudetto and Champions League, Kaka also contributed the title of Copa Super 2003, Super Cup and the 2003 and 2007 Club World Cup 2007. He had undergone a total of 270 action with Milan in all competitions and contributed 95 goals.

The end of last season to the end of intimacy is called a complete player Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite is with Milan, after the Inter Milan club’s sekota approve the transfer of 65 million euros for the player to move to Santiago Bernabeu.

Club management decision to sell Kaka protested by the Milanisti in Italy, they worry the club will diminish his achievement after the death Kaka. So far, the concern was less evident when Milan undergoing pre-season action with the bad, although the initial fight and then Milan’s Serie A could win 2-1 over Siena.

The question is whether Milan can prove in front of Kaka if they can be great without it or Kaka to be smiling?

Just wait when Milan Madrid met later.

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