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Ramadan Message from Obama

barrack-obama-2505United States President Barack Obama, Friday, the farewell to the worship of fasting in the Muslim world and the United States, which began to enter the holy month Ramadan 1430 AH

Obama also expressed desires to return the U.S. to improve relations with the Islamic world.

In delivered a message via video from the White House, Washington, DC, Obama describes how he – in spite of non-Islamic – just with different traditions among the Muslim community.

“Like other people of different religions is the matter of Ramadan through the environmental community and family, I know that this (Ramadan, red) is a celebration – time to gather family, friends hold fast open events, and sharing food,” said Obama, who had some small time spent in Indonesia – a Muslim country most in the world.

“But I also know that Ramadan is a time for reflection and apply obedience – when Muslims fast during the day and do tarawih prayer at night, listening and reflection mengaji Al Quran for a month,” he added.

Ritual-the ritual, he said, reminding all parties about the principles and with the role of Islam in promoting justice, tolerance and dignity of all mankind.

Obama, meanwhile, states that the United States has run a responsibility to build the world a more peaceful and secure.

Because of that, Obama said, the U.S. attempt to end the war in Iraq, which isolate the extremist violence in Afghanistan and Pakistan – and at the same time, the U.S. attempt to increase the empowerment of local communities.

“Because that is the United States (also) affirm our support for achieving two-state solution that recognizes the rights of the people of Israel and Palestine to live in peace and security,” he said.

All these efforts, he said, is part of the U.S. determination to establish links with the Islamic world with a basic mutual respect.

“I want to re-affirm our commitment to build a new beginning between the United States and Muslims in the world,” said Obama.

He expressed hopes that the dialogue between the parties will continue.

“And today, I want to join with the 1.5 billion Muslim around the world – with your family and your friends – in welcoming the start of Ramadan … May God bless you,” said Obama closing message Ramadan. (antara)

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