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Ramadan 2009 North America

SatelliteBased on astronomical calculations (computation), Month of Ramadan in North America region will begin Wednesday, August 22. Thus stated a leading Islamic organization in North America, Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

“The astronomical, the New Moon appeared on Thursday, August 20 2009 at 10:01 Universal Time (1:01 pm Makkah time).

Sunset in Mecca on August 20 occurred at 6:47 am local time, hours to appear on the Mecca at 6:46 pm local time (1 minute before sunset), “ISNA said in a statement on the site as authorized dilansir Islam Online.net. “Thus, the next day, Friday, 21 August 2009, is not the first day of Ramadan. The first day of Ramadan is Saturday, August 22, Allah. Tarawih prayers will be held Friday night. ”

According to ISNA, also shows the astronomical calculations, Ramadan this year and 29 days days Idulo Fitri falls on Sunday, September 20. “New Moon astronomical Friday, 18 September 18, at 18:44 Universal Time (9:44 pm Makkah time). On Saturday, 19 September 19, sunset at 6:20 pm Mecca hours local time, moonset at 6:36 pm local time. Thus, Allah 1 Syawal or Idul Fitri falls on Sunday, 20 September. ”

Unlike the ISNA, Islamic Crescents’ Observation Project (ICOP) states Ramadan will start Friday, August 21, in a number of countries, also according to astronomical calculations.

Turkey and several Balkan countries the possibility of Ramadan on Friday, August 21. In Egypt, according to Egypt’s National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG), Ramadan will begin on Saturday, August 22, based on astronomical calculations.

In Libya, the Libyan Center for Remote Sensing and Space Science, Ramadan begins Friday, August 21. (IOL / Mel) .*
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