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tropical storm over the Japanese

tropical stormSoil erosion and flooding due to tropical storms killed at least 10 people in Japan, local officials said on Monday (10 / 8).

Number of victims killed as a result become the weather was most increased at least 34 people in a few days back in the country of northeast Asia.

Etau a tropical storm approaching Japan after typhoon strike Morakot Philippines, Taiwan and China killed at least 24 people and destroying homes and farmland.

More than 47,000 people in Japan say the west has been evacuated, said the NHK broadcast media, while the Japan Meteorological Agency warned that the rain, landslide or flood will engulf many areas in western and central Japan.

“Water came in suddenly,” said a resident to the NHK. “I hold the power pole and waited for one and a half hours.

Some domestic flights and train service was canceled and a number of road partially closed, NHK said.

At least nine people killed and eight other missing in Hyogo, western Japan, said a police official. He could not confirm how the victims died.

In addition, a woman aged 68 years died when a landslide pound house in Okayama, western Japan, said a local official.

Etau tropical storms may be the middle of Japan, on Tuesday, said an official at the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Estimated wind speeds reached 126km per hour, there was heavy rain and high waves, said badaa it on the internet http://www.jma, go.jp. (PR)

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