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Taiwan Under Watter Cable Back Disconnect, Internet upset Asia

taiwanunderwatterUnder Watter cable network in Taiwan connecting Asia intrenet network with United States drop out due  a typhoon Morakot the island area of the country Saturday (8 / 8). However, the Taiwan authorities promised they do not disrupt access to telecommunications.

“We think the voice and internet connection should be back to near normal levels this Thursday evening,” said Leng TF, President of International Business Group Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan telecommunications companies operate along the cable with consortium, Reuters quoted. The process of recovery is complete up to 90 percent this afternoon.

Luckily, hurricane cable does not cut off all but the only one in a number of cable networks. This incident does not worst under watter cable break in 2006 due tremendous earthquake.

Under Watter cable infrastructure is a key that serves voice and data traffic from East Asia to the United States. Rupture due to the cable, the internet access in some countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines reported slowed.

The process of repair is estimated to take up to two months. Taiwan telecommunications company that operates the cable is already stated in cooperation with a number of other operators to divert traffic to alternative networks for a while. (Kompas)

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