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Useful Software & Light To Your Windows

softwareBuy a new computer or notebook, but when the finished software to install, the computer suddenly become slow. This is because many Netter install computer programs that burdensome. Read further for a solution …

Many computer users who do not know that the software they install sometimes incriminating computer that will be used. Too much loading is not useful when the software is finished in clear-install will affect the performance of the computer.

The selection of a software such as Adobe PDF Reader, antivirus & antispyware, zip program, MP3 player and video will certainly make the computer so slow. So to overcome this, we show the following software-software that allows light to ‘soften’ your computer.

Antivirus & antispyware

Each computer requires a certain time this antivirus & antispyware software, but you do not need to install both. Look who already have antivirus or antispyware programs that need to use internet security. So with only 1 program, your computer will be protected and the performance will be more light

We recommend using AVG & Avira Antivir Antivirus – AVG has antispyware, antispyware with Antivir dielengkapi & Anti rootkit. Both updates are free and have free versions.

PDF Reader

We recommend using Foxit Reader as the program is very lightweight and far faster than Adobe PDF Reader or other PDF Reader. Another option is Sumatra PDF Portable Reader.

Multimedia Player

Use Windows Media Player (Wmp) that the codec is installed, such as K-lite. When you install K-lite, is typically provided an alternative video player Windows Media Player Classic. If you want to use another video player, we recommend VLC (Video Lan) Player. With VLC, you do not need to install many codecs that Windows sometimes burdensome.

From watching VCD, DVD format movies to AVI, MPG, MP4 & mkv all can be read by VLC or K-lite codec with the video player Wmp If you frequently see the film & RM rmvb format, use the Real Player alternative. If you still want to see a Quick Time movie, use the Quick Time Alternative. No need to install Real Player & Quick Time to complete (full).

Forget and do not need to install again WinAmp music player as an alternative, because its work could have been replaced with Wmp or VLC.

Zip Program

We recommend to use 7-Zip or WinRAR course, as both zip program is best at this time that does not burden the computer.

Portable Use Program

Many portable program that you can use that does not need to install every time used. From download manager program like uTorrent, e-mail client Thunderbird, the Mozilla Firefox browser, OpenOffice, Pidgin, and chat programs (can be MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and others).

All programs on the computer is softly performance because they do not need to booting in the startup and the system registry every time the computer into the Windows OS.

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