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Student fined U.S.$ 675.000 Due to pirate music on the Internet

Music DownloadingA student to share pirated music files convicted by a court of the United States to pay a fine of U.S. $ 675 thousand.

Joel Tenenbaum, students are still studying at Boston University, admitted in court, that has 30 download and distribute pirated music content.

Tenenbaum confess their parents use computers at home and on campus for computer download and distribute music files is illegal. “I use the computer and download music,” he said.

He confessed, has been download more than 800 songs since 1999, and to use the service for ordinary use the file (file-sharing) Napster and Kazaa. “It was like a giant library for me,” said Tenenbaum on Napster and Kazaa.

Despite billions fined, Tenenbaum even grateful. The earlier the same actors also court in Minneapolis United States, was forced to pay loss of U.S. $ 1.92 million due to have shared 24 songs pirated on the internet.

Tenenbaum must pay U.S. $ 22,500 per song, the music studio to the six that have been aggrieved. Four music studios, including Universal’s music subsidiary, Warner Music, and Sony.

However, lawyers Tenenbaum was not satisfied and plan to appeal. “She is the children who love music and technology. And he does what is done by children of the same age,” said lawyer.

The music industry is now changing strategy to survive of piracy on the internet. They are now pursuing the cases of small lot like this. Several similar cases are also registered in several courts, is awaiting trial begins. (vivanews)

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