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Indonesian citizen, punishable by hanging in Malaysia, the foreign ministry Ready to Give Legal Aid

hangingHusein Sitorus, Indonesian Citizen convicted legal hanging in Malaysia, because evidently carry 148 kg of marijuana. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is ready to provide legal assistance to the legal appeal which will be Husein.

“During this time we have guidance. And we will continue to do legal aid,” said Director of Conservation Indonesian Citizen in Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the detikcom Teguh Wardoyo, Wednesday (29/7/2009).

However, Teguh affirm, although will continue to provide assistance, also to respect the law in Malaysia. Because if there are foreign citizens who take action in any criminal, they also obey the law in Indonesia.

“This is a matter of law, we have to respect. Foreigners must also be responsible if the deeds do the same in Indonesia,”.

He explains, legal assistance provided by the Indonesian embassy in Malaysia can not remove the criminal charges against Indonesian Citizen if the local court declares him guilty. However, the Indonesian embassy According to Jamil has performed the maximum assistance.

“We will see later what. We have the lawyer KBRI and we will provide maximum assistance, but still respect Malasysia,”.

Husein Sitorus a ship captain who brought marijuana 148 Kg to Malaysia on 22 October 2004. Together with Husein, there are three other ships, passengers, two passengers and the residents of Aceh, and one Asnawi, children fruit Husein.

After pronounced for dead punishment Tuesday 28 July, Husein direct appeal states. He was immediately signed the petition appeal

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