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Enjoy Features Touch Screen On Windows 7

win7_touch_08Whatever comes out of Microsoft, will be interesting to know. Moreover, the presence of the operating system Windows 7 that invites many questions in the mind of the user, will this sophistication offered will be better impact or become hard demand from the computer and the laptop only, as we have experienced when using Vista. Not the performance was faster, it must be patient, patient to use the operating system is, especially when you have hardware that is not the type of high-level.

The presence of Windows 7 after scratch the name of Bill Gates is not in this to make new products such as the loss of her father, but the product itself is born and even better from the Vista operating system that has been examined for years, so that the users also need not worry it is normal to use hardware-usual course, as it will still be able to use the operating system. Claim more powerful in terms of performance, the price of the operating system bounced high enough, has not been explained to Indonesia will marketed in the price range is later.

There’s the latest news from the party that Microsoft tried to give a quote that is quite good, especially now started on the computer can be integrated using the touch screen, so users can use it with a reasonably good compatibility with the operating system is Windows 7. You want to watch this feature, please look this video below:

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