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Virus attak every 3 seconds

virus-dlmIn the last six months, more and more websites that are infected and this has become a dangerous terror. Based on data from the Internet security firm in the U.S., Sophos, virus infection is generally more interested in the website two-way, especially the social networking site comments.

Every day, there is as much a 23,500 page site infected with the virus attacks the average occurrence of the new attack once every 3.6 seconds.

More surprising, the level of attacks is apparently faster than hacker attacks that often occur in 2008. Years ago, a new computer virus attacks recorded show once every 4.5 seconds.

“Sites that become infected with the virus attacks the most frequently encountered by each user’s computer,” said Chief Director of Sophos, Richard Wang, as quoted from Secure Computing.

In the last five months, various internet security companies  incentive warned a number of new types of virus attacks such as Gumblar, or Belanden Nine-Ball.

All this type of virus that has been embedded in the tens of thousands of legal sites. Hacker inject these sites with code that directs computer users to access the malicious virus.

“Experts and information technology, far-away days have warned that internet users do not click the spam hit-and open the attachment. Along with the development, internet users now also be alert to the spread of computer viruses through the social networking that is now become a central target of the hacker soft, firm Wang.

source : okezone

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