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How effective phone tap

gsm-interceptorTapping of the mobile phone is one of the important findings. The increasing number of mobile phone users in the appeal to make a normal phone cable technology is useful for law enforcement to prosecute various crimes.

But the other side, this technology is also a threat to personal rights violations provider customers. Then, how do actual work tapper a mobile phone?

There are two types of phone tapping technology. The first is using a tapping tool, and second is use a certain software.

Using the tapping tool is usually called interceptor technology. An interceptor works by capturing and processing the signal detected by a mobile phone.

He is also equipped with Radio Frequency triangulation locator that functions to capture the signal accurately. He is also equipped with a Digital Signal Processing software that makes the processing algorithm can run quickly and easily.

So, this tool users can capture traffic signals and cellular find specifications and target specific. So, this tool can extract the various discussions in the mobile-phone signal is still caught in its scope.

Tapping another way can be done through a software detective (spyware). Like a bad program and malware such as trojan, spyware is able to track the phone and send that information to third parties, in this case is the tapper.

Therefore, the spyware application free mobile phone and the battery will quickly empty. This program can turn off certain programs in the phone, and even delete information stored in the phone without the owner’s mobile phone.

PDA and smart phone tapping is a soft target, because he has the ability to receive important information such as e-mail information from the Internet, instant messaging and others. Moreover, important information such as bank account is usually stored here.

Not only that, connectivity PDA and smart phones also cause more attacks from trojan or spyware. Therefore, keep smart phone such as your computer. Make sure it has a antivirus. Do not open the messages or files sent by unknown persons

source : http://www.ketok.com

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