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alexis cohen death

cohenAmerican Idol, Alexis Cohen (25), found dead on Saturday (25 / 7) last weekend. He is suspected to be victims of  crush accident in Seaside Heights area, New Jersey.

Cohen, who came from Allentown, Pennsylvania, found in the sprawling and conditions can not be responded to, about a hundred meters from the car which park in that areas. Head of local police, Michael Mohel, confirming the news.

According to the Mohel, the effort was first made. Cohen brought Community Medical Center in Tom’s River, but then can not be saved. He declared dead at around 06.35 am local time.

Based on the results of autopsy, Cohen experienced serious injury in a number of body parts, such as on the chest, stomach and head.

“There is some evidence that the body was squeezed by a vehicle,” Mohel said while adding that his death not as a suicide.

Cohen is the audition for the Idol session 7 and 8. He was stealing attention during the “resistance” to Simon Cowell, one of the jury, known often hurl stinging comment and painful.

Related the crash, according to Mohel, the parties have not yet arrested. For now, the police force will do more research after Cohen body buried.

Source : Kompas

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