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UK Parliament wedged Negotiations with Hamas

aktual_inggrisHouse of Commons wedged UK PM Gordon Brown government to immediately start negotiations with the body in moderate faksi combatant Palestinian organization, Hamas. Assembly Committee such reports Lowest UK part of foreign affairs, Sunday (26 / 7).

During this time the UK government refused to speak with Hamas to accept the principle that organizations that have set international quartet consisting of the European Union, Russia, United Nations, and the United States; the anti-violence and recognize the existence Isarel.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Committee, Mike Gapes, said that the policy applied to the UK start pemerintan results appeared. “We see signs of a policy to not talk with Hamas have been appropriate to give effect quartet Internasionl” he said.

Depart from there, Assembly Lowest UK government to provide recommendations that reflect the UK soon to talk to moderate Hamas leader. Institution is added, the peace process will be hampered without the cooperation initiatives with the group known launch rocket diligently to Israel this area

source : www.liputan6.com

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