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Bill Gates stop using Facebook

bill gatesIdeally have a lot of friends in Facebook, become something of a boast. However, it does not apply to Bill Gates. Thus, because of the many Facebook members who want to friend with it, he would come out of these social networking sites.

Yes, the official founder Micorosoft himself states that already do not use Facebook anymore, since some of this time. The reason, in his acount, have 10 thousand people waiting to be a ‘friend’ on Facebook.

“Some 10 thousand people want to be with on Facebook. And that is so disturb me, I decided to go out alone,” the richest man firm in the world, while speaking at a forum in India.

Reuters, Sunday (26/7/2009), reported that Gates is very distraught to approve thousands of people. Moreover, many a friend to invite the man who is famous philanthropist, not knowed. Gates for making it difficult to identify.

In the same opportunity, Gates reminded the public to be careful in using the technology. Recognized by itself, if the technology used excessive will spend to mush time for users.

“I really like reading, but most of my reading not from the computer,” specifically

Source : http://techno.okezone.com

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