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Sprite ad ‘Oral Sex’ circulating on the Internet

sprite-oralA Sprite ad was nasty nuances wide circulation on YouTube. But the ad was false and not from the manufacturer so that the Sprite YouTube finally delete them with the reasons for infringing copyright.

Many users because of ads that effect German scenes that show a girl doing oral sex on men. Now in the middle of the scene, the women prefer to drink Sprite. Drink that is directly sprayed to face.

YouTube manager remove the ad immediately after the confirmation of originality. Previous ad many viewers had was confusion because the ad is likely to be made professionally.

Just after the cause upheaval, a film director named Max Issacson recognize that video ads are work as a result of the experiment to find out how many people are misguided. He also apologize if it caused inconvenience ad.

“Video that was never intended to seriously consider. I am surprised the video is easily serious responsive,”  Isaacson.

Although the ad is false has been removed from YouTube, but there are still some counterfeit versions circulating on the site are the property of Google.

click here to watch video

  1. 25 July 2009 at 14:51

    First, we need to define oral sex, sex and abstinence. Sex Video

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