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Intel will suport windows 7 for computer more fast

windows7To stabilize the quality of Windows 7 will be released starting on October 22 2009, Microsoft to develop cooperation with Intel. The cooperation aims to make Windows 7 is able to maximize the facility multithread and multicore Intel chip when using a computer application.

A feature called SMT (simultaneou multi-threading) they developed to facilitate computer users split task, such as video encoding and image filtering in some networks (threads). It is believed a solution could be a speed processing applications.

“The more cores you have, the better,” said George Alfs, Intel spokesman. Alfs added that now use Intel chips Nehalem architecture that is capable of running two thread per core. Almost all laptop and desktop computers have been using this architecture Nehalem.

In addition to SMT, the two big companies are also making the development of drivers and BIOS-level to speed up the process of booting and shut down the computer. According Alfs, designed Intel Nehalem chip is believed to achieve this, and Windows 7 is designed to maximize the performance of Intel chips.

Development in the hardware sector is also done by Intel and Microsoft to support the performance of Windows 7, but so far the two sides would not comment. Actual cooperation Intel and Microsoft is not a new thing again.

Almost all computers now use Windows as the OS and Intel as its chip processor. “Intel and Microsoft have worked together more than 20 years. The target of our mutual cooperation is the use of computer experience most responsive,” tukas Joakim Lialias, Intel Alliance Manager. (Kompas)

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