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Dream Cat Venus from Sega Toys

sega_cat_venus-620x465You like cat? but still hesitate to maintain? Of course many reasons why so many of us who choose not to keep animals at home. In addition to the problems that may become a difficult thing for us with pets, and time to yourself you are still hard for the right. It’s also because the animals sometimes even make the house fall apart and not rarely even make us allergic. Hmmm, thinking it will repeatedly happens to animals are not kept?

But it seems no longer obstacles for those who like the cats, and would still like to have them at home as a friend to play at leisure time. Do not be afraid with the various constraints on the top, because now the Sega Toys has been providing solutions that wonderful, although the later you have a cat home is not more common.

This is the time to hand out Sega Toys cat imitation as a puppet, but also not the usual dolls. This is called Dream of Venus Cat. this cat will when you touch or as a normal cat. Of course you do not need to rush to provide food, as animal imitation is of course not need the original food. Also, you certainly will not feel this cat with allergies, because this cat is really different from the normal cats, although  look the same. This cat will be marketed in Japan starting on 30 July 2009 with a price range around 110 USD or 1.1 million. You are interested to keep in your home?

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