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Pandora Saga: New Online Game, released in Indonesia

pandora sagaPandora Saga Online (PSO) is a new online game that will soon be released in Indonesia. Games with the MMORPG genre is not very different concepts with other MMORPG game that has been circulating in Indonesia. The difference in the PSO system have Honor and Soul.

PSO in the world, there are three countries that are the strength of battle, When the players tied with one of the country, then he will be able to be part of that country. Each state is differentiated from the symbols and colors. Green: Kingdom St.Felstein, Blue: The North Varik Unity, and Red: Empire Latuga.

To be able to select the country where we will select the character creation process, talk with the guards of the city [Neuman / Orson / Randy / Burns]. After that players can start the game and play Quest.

Each country in the world of PSO has 6 races that can be selected, among others: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Myrine, Enkidu, and Lapin. In addition there are 4 Job which can be selected again the Warrior, Scout, Mage and Acolyte.

Of each job can later be upgrading Job job in accordance with the second level. Warrior can select the second job, or Gladiator Knight, Scout became Agent or Archer, or Acolyte to be Ascetic Priest, Mage, and a Wizard or Darkroar.

Honor System
Honor point can be increased if the character or enemy in Muldia win in battle. And also, if it becomes part of a country, will get 1000 honor point.

If the honor point increases, the degree can rank up. Honor at the point needed to rank up enough already, talk with the Manager Court Rank with enough money. If terms enough, can rank up. If mark rank up, can have many benefits.

Rank down can happen in case of a matter of honor to make a point decreased more than the actual point honor, honor point, and not sufficient for a degree at that time.

In PvP (Player vs Player), honor point will increase or decrease depending on the opponent or the opponent defeated.

Soul System
Soul System is a way to install the Soul which has been weapons or crystaly on the masks. Function of the soul variety of characters ranging from strengthening to provide special effects. A soul can be installed on equipment that has a slot.

Soul sometimes defeated by monster. There are 7 types of soul which can be installed on the Equipment. Soul Quest for the used can not be installed on the equipment. The ability of the soul will be attached to the equipment installed.

War & PvP
Pandora in the saga there are two types of PvP system. The first is the system format Free PvP (PvP free on PvE Area), the second is a PvP Party Vs Party.

Free Format for PvP, it can be done in the Uncivilized district Muldia, a place where players can enjoy the fight with the enemy country. Here, players can fight with the monster and other players in the same time.

For Party vs Party, the maximum amount in contention is 16 players. In other words, each party member can only have up to 8 players. Quoting from the battle this time is 5 minutes or 10 minutes. PvP players can get a point that can be exchanged with the item when the officers spoke with The Management.

More information, please access to the site Pandora Saga

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