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DNA Test the secret mischael jackson son

MJ-omerA hip hop dancer from Norway, Omer Bhatti reported doing DNA testing because his claim as the Michael Jackson child. While we know that Michael only has three children namely Michael Prince (12), Paris Michael Katherine (11) and Prince Michael II (7).

The National Enquirer reported, Omer is a sa real son Michael, because rumornya Pia Bhatti (Omer mother) perform short dates with Michael years ago in 1985.

When be, Pia is a former children’s nanny and Michael lived in Neverland Ranch about 90an. Pia is also seen sitting with the family before row of Michael deliverance funeral ceremony at Michael Jackson at the Center Steples ago.

Previously, Omer met with Michael in Tunisia in 1996. Omer and the age of 12 years still makes Michael dance impressed with the movement of spectacular. Since then, small Omer always appear in every concert and Michael took a tour around the world with him. Omer and stepfather, Riz, also a former driver Michael when his mother still works as a nanny at home.

We are just waiting fact.

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