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Yahoo! redesign all site

yahooYahoo! Inc. is now working hard for the increase more traffic advertiser site users at once. Related to this, Yahoo! will released the latest design own home page. This is a design change in large-scale site since 2006.

Debug version of the home page of this newest will try  tested first in the U.S., then on to France, India and England in next week. With this launch, Yahoo! target to facilitate access to content from several sites, including social networking services, news and shopping.

A section called My Favorites will facilitate users to add a small box that can directly access to a more specific site such as Twitter Inc, Facebook Inc, and BBC News. At the time of the cursor on the part, the graph will be larger and provide the latest update from the site. Box is also providing space for ads, so the opportunity to add Yahoo! to increase income.

“This will be the possibility of change the most fundamental design on the home page Yahoo! Since this site was first established,” said Senior Vice President Yahoo! Tapan Bhat.

Not until there are, in the six months ahead, the site will also allow users to select the whim of the news they want, ranging from mild to serious. The other features, users can update their status in some social networking sites like Facebook and My Space News Corp property. (Kompas)

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