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Using Wikipedia to be better

wikipediaWikipedia is one of the most popular site in the world and when you do work similar to me, Wikipedia has always been the starting point in researching any topic – and the only place you visit for a few brief facts. When the correct way, below are 5 tips to use Wikipedia more quickly, and efficiently. Wikipedia Enhance the functionality of some applications and with this extension:

1. Get the Information Without the Need Wikipedia
Sometimes you read a term on the Internet site that you want to find meaning in Wikipedia, but you also want to read the article until finished. When you install the Firefox add-on, the way you two can be achieved.

AQwikiWiki allows you to block these terms and add definitions to Wikipedia in the article by doing right click. QuickWiki can also do the same with a combination of keyboard shortcuts and a single click. The two add-on is doing the same thing, only you choose which one you like more.

2. Quick access to Wikipedia
If the iPhone has, the second application Wikiamo and Wikipanion designed to help users to explore Wikipedia efficiently. Each has its own unique features so you should try both to determine which better match.

One thing is for sure: both the search Wikipedia to make faster and easier to read than when you read it in the iPhone Safari browser.

3. Use Wikipedia Offline with Wikitaxi
When you use Windows, use WikiTaxi to download the entire contents of Wikipedia for a full kept in the hard disk or even a take-you take it in your flash disk. Full version of Wikipedia in English only require storage of 8GB. The benefits are when you do not have internet connection, you can still get information about anything on Wikipedia.

You can also embed Wikipedia to iPod, although this does not apply tips for iPod Touch.

4. Discover your Search
Wikiproxy is a Greasemonkey script that connects some of the key terminology in the pages that you visit the Wikipedia page.

Smarter Wikipedia recommend page-related page in the Wikipedia itself. Terpasangnya With this script, you get a sidebar related pages that allows you to explore various interesting facts related.
5. Edit Wikipedia with Efficient
WikiEd is a Greasemonkey script that provides WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) complete to Wikipedia and some other type of Wiki. If you often forget to write the syntax Wikipedia articles in a specific format, WikiEd will help you.
And do not forget also Simpledia, a script that changes the view to give Wikipedia a more minimalist style.

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