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European to the Moon in 2020 or 2025

moon expeditionIn the middle of the debate about the success of Neil Armstrong set foot to moon, to the European Agency (ESA) still trying to repeat the story to man hours.

According to the ESA Director General Jean-Jaques Dordain, countries in the world, including from the European continent will be doing the space mission to month in the year 2020 or 2025.

“I’m sure people will return to the moon, but not in the context of the two countries,” he said.

Previously, the success of the United States land in the human doubt. Rumor says Armstrong with Apollo 11 mission was never to moon. That actually happens is that Armstrong is in a nature-made studio in a place in Arizona that set deliberately similar to the situation in the moon.

Apart from the controversy that Dordain said, the mission to moon can help people to investigate all threats that will run into the earth in the future. In addition, the mission to moon is part of a progress in knowledge.

“I think Europe will play an important role for moon’s exploration, and I am sure everything will happen ten years, if not 2020, the mission will occur in 2025,” said Dordain. (Xinhua / Okezone)

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