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razer mako 2.1 speaker system

razerMost of the products for the PC speaker is only using two channels plus a sub-Woofer as to apply the 5.1 audio system is too vital not likely unless you want to make this PC as a home entertainment system. Among the many products PC speakers, Razer made this just may be some advantages because of the consideration.

The first clearly visible is a unique design. When most products mengusung form of PC speakers, or the tube, which in fact choose this form of mushroom-like. But do not wrong, because this design has advantages. In addition to the unique shape, the form also provides the sound quality is better.

When most of the speakers mengusung design driver facing forward, then this would put the Mako midrange and tweeter mutual distance in a casing. Sound out of the hole which is located at the bottom of the tube to all the speakers this way and able to reduce the ‘impact’, which usually occurs between the direct sound from the speakers and the sound that comes from reflection on the surface where the speakers are placed.

Amplifier is used here also has a unique system of working. When most of amplifier ‘expire’ maximum power constantly, then the amplifier is used Mako is only necessary resources are spent. Result, this amplifier consume less power and is able to reduce the distortion because there is no excessive power that is released. The problem is, you have to put the speakers on a hard surface because when placed on the carpet then the vibration will be incurred and can not be used to set the level of output from the speaker.

And the result, the sound issued by Mako is indeed satisfying. The sound quality on each channel is balanced. The tone is quite clear while the middle of high and low tones are not ‘broken’, so quite comfortable even though the volume was started. Reliability speaker is also not only to play music only. For film and game audio is good quality remain the same.

May only slightly reduce the value of the speakers this is the selling price is high enough. To get a 2.1 speaker unit, you must be spent not less than 238 Pounds Sterling, or about Rp 4 million. But it did not impede the Trusted Reviews give value for 8 of 10 for this product.

Interface: 3.5mm Auxiliary input minijack, 3.5mm headphone minijack, RCA audio input
Number of speakers: 2.1
Audio Type: Stereo
Total audio output power: 300 Watts
Frequency Response: 25-20,000 Hz
Speaker Type: Subwoofer, Front Speaker
Features: THX-certified, ClassHD digital amplifier, All-in-one remote control pod
Official Site: http://www.razerzone.com

  1. 14 August 2010 at 23:09

    new technology make us more easier to accomodate our needed. and in speaker or audio system also face it. thank for share, i wish my knowledge especially on speaker system can got more and dont forget to keep posting and share to others, thanks.

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