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Hacker & cracker increased after attacks Bom Jakarta

hackerThe cyber criminals try to take advantage of the seemingly momentum idleness internet servers internet service provider (ISP), which is busy serving update information after the bombardment Hotel JW. Marriot and Ritz Carlton.

According to IGN Mantra, Senior Security Analyst Network and Internet Traffic Monitor ID-SIRTII, until the early hours of Saturday, the number of Internet attacks to Indonesia reached an average of 1.1 million.

“That is, there is increase of 10% of normal,” he said, Sunday (19/7/2009).

Mantra resumed, the method most of the tune by this virtual dedemit have 3 things:

1. SQL-based heap overflow attempt
This is the SQL injection attempt by hackers to ditembakkan servers to the Internet can enter and poison the server. If successful then the hacker will be able mencapture all activities that go to the internet and mengontrolnya system.

2. ICMP Echo Reply
Hacker tries to send a packet with the data that the wild, in the hope that the internet server is busy and can not serve its customers.

3. http_inspect: NON-RFC Defined CHAR
Hacker trying to get a user id and password admin, in the hope that if the user id and password then open internet system will be taken over by them.

However, the results of observation continued Saturday & Sunday, the attack of the Internet has decreased to 20%.

“Likely this is due tomorrow and the weekend off, the hacker also rest and find something new to their activities,” Mantra demolished. (seconds)

  1. 22 July 2009 at 06:36

    siip kang sukses yaa tapi apa iini ora ngerti….ditembakkan dedemit

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