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Panda USB Vaccine Virus Cleaner

pandaViruses today are generally spread through two ways, either online (through the network) and offline (via physical storage media). To do infection from one computer to another offline, the virus will take advantage of storage that is easy to take-take. May be used floppy media is the most widely used, but it now appears that came flash USB disk. With the capacity of the larger and more affordable price, the storage media is increasingly for many people.

Along with the spread of the spread of the virus flash disk offline with the mechanism is also the higher the intensity, especially in Indonesia. The creator of the virus in the country’s increasingly creative in designing the virus with certain tricks to speed the spread of the virus they created.

Initially, the virus will only put the files form the virus program to storage, so each time you connect the flash disk to the infected computer, the virus will put the folder / files to the flash disk virus without a known owner. Tricks is slowly becoming easily detected and suspicious files that are easily removed akan directly by the owners.

Then appears the name of social engineering techniques (social engineering) where the virus entered the flash disk to be more difficult to imitate with known / create files and folders the same as that already exists and hide the original file or create the file or folder with the name – the name to attract users, all of that done in the hope that users click on the file / folder so that the virus is active and can enter into the computer of the victim.

How the spread of the virus that is booming right now is to utilize the Autorun feature in the Windows operating system. This feature is actually very easy for us who want to directly open / play a file that is in the media immediately. But the creator of the virus to see this feature as the fastest way to help the spread of the virus. With the virus and its embed AUTORUN.inf files that have been written to run a virus file in the root directory flash disk, each time a user connects to a computer flash disk Autorun feature that is active, the virus will be automatically executed directly.

To make prevention of virus spread with the help Autorun feature now you do not need to be busy again, as do the steps that the long and risky. Thanks to the portable application from a company security PandaSecurity, you have to do the security came to the USB storage, such as Flash Disk in a few clicks only.

Free application called USB Panda Vaccine has two ways to prevent the spread of the virus through the media:

1. Computer Vaccination – this application will disable the autorun feature of Windows computer operating bersistem thoroughly, so that the program / virus that utilizes AUTORUN.inf file and is in the USB / CD / DVD will not be executed / executed automatically. But you can still restore the feature to its original state.
2. Vaccination USB Drive – Virus now can no longer create files AUTORUN.inf to help spreading. This application will create a special file to AUTORUN.inf in flash disk, in which the file has been designed so that can not be changed, edited, or deleted by the virus. User also can not delete the file except with the format.

At this facility the vaccination USB device applies only to the place where FAT & FAT32 format, but to the front of this application will be developed to support the NTFS format.

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