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Apollo 11

apolloMetrotvnews.com, New York: Yesterday marks 40 years of the mission Apollo 11 mission was a first human landing on the month. However, some still doubting the truth of one of the most important mission of humanity and the world’s scientific.

One of the most active scrutinize Apollo 11 mission is Bart Sibrel. According Sibrel, a number of facts on the image in the human journey has a lot of awkwardness. Bart Sibrel also to make a documentary about these opinions.

According Sibrel, travel photos human being is created in the earth. One of the gaffe is not the image the stars visible in the photo. 2002 Sibrel meet even one of the astronauts who successfully landed in the moon, Buzz Aldrin. Aldrin punch when it faces because chapfallen Sibrel.

Bart Sibrel not fully trust American citizens. According to United States citizens, people landing in 40 years ago is true. Locals believe that the mission is one of the peaks of human achievement and knowledge

  1. 23 July 2009 at 05:57

    Thank you for posting this. We own the films that Sibrel produced. Two of them are by no means perfect. Sibrel insults Aldrin, for which he later apologized, and he makes two crucial research errors regarding the nature of the ‘window shot’ of Earth, supposedly 130,000 miles out.

    The window was not circular, and what was outside it (who knows) but it was not the Earth viewed from orbit. It was a transparency.

    But, despite this mistake, the film shatters the Apollo missions, revealing them to be a myth.

    Come visit our website – join people from all over the world who want to learn the truth behind Apollo.

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