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Nintendo with Vitality Sensor

nintendoVitality announce with a sensor for the Wii, it seems Nintendo are all trying redesigned hardware ever, the development of the era and the needs of customers. All this presented by President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata.

As evidence, during the last three years, Nintendo has issued 2 types of consoles with the up-grade in the following years.

“In the history of Nintendo, have a range of example,” Iwata said in the interview. “But when we release a new hardware, the most important thing is to sustain or maintain the momentum. If you do not release new hardware produces nothing, then …” Iwata stop.

For the next console hardware, Iwata knows that the technology developed by Microsoft and Sony in the motion-sensing technology can affect the decisions will be taken. For example, Iwata said that Nintendo decided not continue to develop or trying to introduce the Wii console with a new fresh design.

“We have a very good potential to create a” blue ocean market “in which people think can be skeptical,” said Iwata. “So, when we realize that other people have to enter in the market – there are two things we can do. Investment One is to try the existing situation. The other is trying to create a new market.

Below are the 2 latest hardware is not owned by Nintendo and released a long time will be released during the last 3 years.

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