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Halo fans: Prepare for the New Halo

haloFor Halo fans, most high-traction in the press conference at E3 Microsoft, on Tuesday date is June 2 ago introduce Reach Halo, a game that is completely new from Bungie Studios. Employees of the independent developers say that this game is a very secret project for some time and will be released around 2010.

Although Bungie did not give more details about this game, Halo series many fans assume that this game will be based on a novel titled Halo Halo: The Fall of Reach, a series of prekuel trilogy is already. A little snippet below shows that slightly mimics stories flow the story of the novel, in which the travel world UNSC fortress alliances with religious fanatics who multirasial known by the name of the Covenant. At the end of the snippet, “Falls in 2010,” shows little sign that this game will follow the novel’s plot.

May also be the last word in snippets when game shows will be released. At the time Halo 3: ODST didemokan at E3, Bungie employee said of the spectators on the multiplayer beta for this game – scheduled for around 2010 – will begin. Response mengiyakan that they own this game will be released around September-November, according to the schedule already determined.

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