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Sony want to Beat Microsoft System With Newest Motion-Sensing

sonyWhen Microsoft announced motion-sensing camera, Project Christmas, in the press conference at E3, this is a point that the developers behind the software tools for the tool that will be released to be announced in the near future. Then, in the interview with GameSpot, head of Microsoft Game Studios, Phil Spencer announced that it has been presented to the 2 of the many best game developers – Epic Games (Gears of War 2) and Bungie Studios (Halo 3: ODST) – the are doing trials with this technology.
When Sony showed motion-sensing system – bedasarkan Playstation Eye, with infra red rays, and wireless stick – this is the initial phase of development. Also at that time, Microsoft owned Lionhead Studios have created an interactive program called mood-sensing Milo, Sony has a more primitive tools (but still impressive) where the manipulated objects and enemies dihabisi with virtual weapons.

Now, efforts to develop the Sony motion-sensing system will be more difficult. Speaking to GameSpot, senior vice president of marketing Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), Peter Dille alert technology that was first shown years ago to load already in the hands of developers. \

“We have been through a few phases of research,” he said on GameSpot. “We also hold discussions with the community of third parties. This tool has also been in the party. They do the technical things, and they are very happy.”

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