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basic purpose of education

educationIs that human beings are endowed with by virtue of Allah swt ciptaannya than being the other. Virtue lies in the ability of the human intellect pikirannya / kecerdasannya. With this human ability is able to develop themselves in the life of the growing. Development to achieve progress in life requires what we call the education. Education has been there since the beginning of the process kependidikan within the scope of which is still limited.

In line with the development of the era and the demands of the required education that can develop in the human dimension of creativity, feeling and intention. Where is the third case mentioned above will be the motivation for people to race each other in achieving the progress so that the existence of education becomes increasingly important. Which in turn makes the education as the key improvement of human life in all aspects of life.

Education is a human effort to increase the knowledge gained from both formal and informal help in the process of transformation so that it can achieve the quality expected. So that the expected quality can be achieved, the purpose of determining the required education. The purpose of education is what will determine success in the process of establishment of private human quality, with no override the role of other elements in education. In the process of determining the educational goals required a calculation of the mature, thorough, and carefully in order not to cause problems in the future. Therefore, the need to formulate a goal that makes the moral education as a spiritual basis that very vital in every civilization of the nation.

THEORY AND Discussion

Can not be denied that education is a fundamental aspect in the effort to prepare human resources in the process and dynamics of community life in the nation and state.

The education according to Law. 20 of 2003 on National Education System is a planned and conscious effort to realize the atmosphere of learning and the learning process so that students are actively developing itself to have the potential power of religious spiritual, self, personality, intellect, noble character, and himself the necessary skills, community , state and nation.

Meanwhile, in the minds khasanah Islamic education, business education have to change their students from one situation to a better situation in all sectors, with a gradual way is to treat, manage, and guide and mengajarinya something useful so that the world can live happier and Hereafter, in accordance with what has been taught by Allah swt.

Output of education can be achieved if the maximum goal of education is determined with the appropriate and correct. Therefore, before deciding the goal, we should determine the primary / landasannya first.

As for which is the foundation of national education are: Ø philosophical Platform: Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution

Ø sociological Platform: Indonesian people

Ø cultural Platform: national culture

Ø Platform psychological: the development of students

Ø Platform scientific and technology: the development of science and


While the fundamental principle or basis-in our national education is:

1. Principles tut wuri Handayani 3 includes the motto:

Ing ngarso sung tulada, meaning that if in the future become an example

Ing medium Mangun intention, meaning that if in the midst of a desire, motivation or desire

Tut wuri Handayani, meaning on the back with the careful

2. Principle of lifelong learning (Chapter IV part GBHN education):

Education lasts a lifetime, and is implemented in the environment

household, school and community. Therefore, education is

joint responsibility between families, communities and government.

There are 3 of the fundamental principle of lifelong learning, namely:

a. The process of education takes place and the time since in a lifetime

human fetus to die

b. To learn that there is no time limit, meaning there is no term is too early

term or late to learn

c. That learning or educating yourself is the scientific process as part

integral or the totality of life

3. Principle of autonomy in learning: place the role of teachers in primary

as a facilitator and motivator, in addition to his role as informator,

organizer, initiator, inspirator, corrector, guide, demonstrator, the

class, mediator, supervisor, evaluator.

Islamic education in a world which becomes the basis / foundation of education is the Al-Quran and Al-Hadith. This can be seen from:

1. Qs. Asy-Syura: 52

“And so we reveal to revelation (Qur’an) with the

our command. You previously did not know whether al book

(Al Quran) and also does not know whether the faith, but we

Al Quran is the light that guided us with her

who we want among our servants.

And we actually give instructions to the right path “

2. Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad saw (Al-Gazali, Ihya ‘Ulumuddin p. 90)

“Indeed, the Mu’min the most loved by God is the

is always upright and obedient to Him and to give advice

to His servants, pikirannya perfect intellect, and also menasehati

akan themselves, care and practice the teachings of His

during hayatnya, the lucky and get the victory it was. “

After the basic / foundation education defined, we can arrange educational goals to be achieved. There are several opinions about the purpose of education is raised by the experts, some of them:

1. According to Prof. H. Zahara Idris, M.A

The purpose of education is to provide assistance to the child’s development

seutuhnya order to develop the potential physical, emotional, attitudes, moral,

knowledge and skills as closely as possible so that people become adults.

2. According to M. Noer Syria

The purpose of education is to have someone with the appropriate personality

values in the society and culture.

3. According to Ki Hajar Dewantoro

The purpose of education is to children as a human and community members can

achieve safety and happiness at the high.

4. According to Al-Ghazali

The purpose of education is taqarub and worship to God and perfection

human happiness is the objective world of the Hereafter.

5. According Shaleh and Abdul Azis Abdul Najib

The purpose of education is to get God and strive keridhoan


6. According Abdull Fayad

The purpose of education is preparation for life hereafter and form individual

with the knowledge and skills to support success in life


Education in the Islamic world, the objectives of education have a very broad sense and in the. And deep needs of human life as individual beings and as social beings dijiwai by the values of religious teachings.

Islamic educational goals include:

1. The broad objective is to deliver students to be the obedient servant of God.

Termuat in Qs. Adz-Dzariyat: 56: “And I created not the jinn and mankind

but that they dedicate to Me “and in the Qs. Al-BAYYINAH: 5: “

In fact they were not ordered except to worship Allah with that rarefy

obedience to Him (only) the right religion. “

2. Personal goal is a goal that you want to achieve by someone from the education, the

including Aqidah, ilmiyah, jasmaniyah, fikriyah, siyasiyah and others.

3. Social goal that is form a community that beramar ma’ruf

munkar nahi. “You are the best yng born to men,

to enjoin the ma’ruf, and prevent that from munkar, and believe

God “(Qs. Ali Imran: 110).

As for the community beramar ma’ruf nahi munkar is:

* People who spread Islam and to his berdakwah

* People who apply the law of Allah swt

* People who always work together in upholding good and ketaqwaan

* People who are able consider human civilization, which is applied in several ways:

Ø Trying to master the field onomi ek

Ø Trying to take technology

Ø Trying the field of management

Ø Always observe infra structure development

Ø Always consider field akhlaq

From the description above can be concluded that education aimed at the Islamic pattern of rounded human personality through psychiatric training, the brain intellect, reasoning, feelings, and indra. Therefore education must be able to serve petumbuhan human aspect in all, both aspects of the spiritual, intellectual, imagination, physical, scientific, and language. And the last goal of Islamic education lies in the realization of self-surrender attitude completely in Allah swt. As termuat in Al-Qur’an Al-An’am mail (6) paragraph 162: “Say: Lo shalatku, ibadahku, my life and my death are for Allah, the Lord of hosts.” It is expected that with the ability pikirannya human intellect is able to read, understand, explain, and analyze the symptoms of which are natural signs of God’s people will realize that the man of perfect knowledge and berilmu believe are rounded.

After discussing the purpose of education from the perspective of general and Islam khasanah thought, now we will try to discuss the goals of national education for the nation of Indonesia.

There are several formulations of the goals of national education for the people of Indonesia, but we will study here is a formula in which termuat of the 1945 Constitution and the formulation of the Law No. 20 of 2003 on National Education System.

In the national education goal of the 1945 Constitution is the life of the nation achieve. Intellect is here not merely the intellect only oriented intellectual acumen alone, but intellect meyeluruh containing broader meaning.

While the goal of national education according to Law No. 20 of 2003 on National Education System formulated as follows: national education develop the ability to function and form and character of the nation with dignity in order to achieve the life of the nation, aimed at the development potential of students to become people who believe and bertaqwa to God, have a certain noble, healthy, berilmu, skilled, creative, independent, and become citizens of a democratic and responsible.

Formulation of national education goals, we can conclude that people who want to produce from the education system in Indonesia is a human mumpuni, able to challenge the era, but still rooted in the moral values of the Indonesian nation.

Indonesia is now being presented on the issues of nationality which is very crucial and multidimensional. Almost all areas of the life of a nation, state, and form a prolonged crisis. Many people felt that the issues facing Indonesia is caused by the quality of human resources is low both academic and non academic. This we can see from the research results of the UNDP in 2007 on the HDI (Human Development Index) in which to Indonesia was ranked 107 out of 177 countries examined. And compared with the ASEAN countries are involved in the research, Indonesia occupied the lowest position (HD Report 2007/2008). One key element in determining the HDI is the level of knowledge of the nation or the nation’s level of education.

Therefore in the present government is more likely to prioritize Iptek in improving the quality of human resources. Because there are known only able to provide the resources / cheap labor abroad. The government hopes the priorities in the field of Iptek Indonesia is able to print a human quality that can later seize the opportunity to live, so we are not only parallel, but can compete with other countries, especially in a competitive free market.

However, the impact of policies undertaken by the government is increasingly lunturnya values morality of the nation. Education is only able to print the human genius, but without conscience. As an example of a lot of cheating and dishonest behavior is not done by the individual perpetrators of education when the National Examination held junior and senior high school met the range of cases, ranging from pembocoran problem, bocornya key answer, contek mencontek and other fraudulent actions menghalalkan all the way to passed the UN. That be pitied, not dishonest behavior is done in a congregation of kepsek, teachers and students. Very ironic indeed. Teachers should diteladani example and by students, even mencorengkan charcoal to face alone. Other examples of declining morality intelligentsia that is still happening fracas between students, even this has not been going long the violence geng student member of a group of girls against another student daughter. Whether these actions reflect the moral values of the ideology of the nation that serve as the foundation of national education goals? How degree indebted character, personality and spirit of the national education? This is the question that should be able to be by the Government of course on the role of all components of education and the community.


From the discussion about the basic purpose of education above, we can take the conclusion that the goal of national education has not been fully achieved. This means that education is only able to print a clever man, but the intellectual moralitasnya still. Iptek not be based with the akan imtaq only disadvantage is greater for men. Einstein reminds us that “religion without science akan blind, and science without religion akan lame.” Therefore is a moral imperative that a spiritual base that is very vital in every human civilization. However every time we are given a sermon about the meaning of human life wisdom, if the wall is thin moral, akan easy dijebol by pressure-worldly lust insistence that arusnya downpours. For that is a technology that has a strong foothold morality which values the personality that comes on the magnanimity point remains the life of the nation’s attention so that we deflect the beam of humanitarian value laden world touch.

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