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Make easy wordpress template

CMS, short for Content Management System is a system designed to facilitate each person to create, manage and set up a website / blog. CMS can be used by anyone without the need or the need to understand programming languages such as HTML, ASP, PHP or Java. With CMS everyone can easily create and manage a web / blog without having to deal with other parties such as the webmaster for any changes in the contents. Origin have Internet connection, anyone can easily explain all the ideas in his head to know another person in the entire world. Once again, the CMS was created to be the solution needs akan akan providing the information very quickly.

Many examples of sites that use the CMS, such as news sites with content detik.com, kompas.com sites or service providers such as e-commerce bhineka.com. Or webblog like this blog using wordpress CMS system.

There are several popular CMS and used a lot of people. Mambo and Joomla is a CMS with the background history of making the same. Both are very practical and support in many open source developers. CMS is usually used by the company or corporate official. Drupal is the first bulletin board system, such as forums and community site. Its use is not as easy as other CMS. At least you should have demanded a better understanding of the web to manage because it is complex. Support is also not as much as Joomla.

WordPress (free and custom domain) is a CMS that siphon attention at this time. Nearly almost all the wordpress blog system. Because many support the use and constantly evolving so do not wonder at this time not only used by the personal, corporate, but also for business purposes diapikasikan both large and small scale.

With wordpress you can optimize system url, meta, tags, auto ping, sitemap and rss-so that it becomes search engine friendly. And no wonder that many sites use wordpress roost in the top order as the search engine google.

To create and mengkostumasi wordpress themes and it is very easy. Generally there are 2 ways to generate wordpress themes, namely to create your own or take the themes that made the other alias free (this is the most widely used).

Directory wordpress themes many scattered and can be searched via a search engine. Among them is the famous wordpress.org. As a consequence of course, like it or not, as a form of moral support for each person using this free themes must show the name and direct link to the owner of the themes. Although we also found many blogs mengkostumasi themes of famous people are reluctant to give such credit title (perhaps because the view is different from the original or because of odor).

If not called nebeng,:) no way, that is, make your own without the intervention of other people. Of course this will take time, thought and effort that is not small. Other simple way? Carililah on the Internet website that provides the system of making wordpress automatically or term wordepress generator. For example cssez.com or yvoschaap.com.

Through both sites, you can freely create themes with the appropriate course with the desire and can proudly display your own name as its themes. Easy huh?

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  1. 20 July 2009 at 06:57

    mantap kang ajarin atuh kang wp msh newbie nih

    • kampusciamis
      20 July 2009 at 07:02

      hehe… ini blog wordpress pertama saya. baru kenal wordpress.

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